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Dead horse Theory

Ever pulled on a dead horse, isn't it hard? If you discover that you are riding a dead horse, the best strategy is to get off. Although in our modern world, business, school and education, we apply special strategies to get the horse back to life such as:

1. Buy a stronger whip 2. Put another rider on the horse 3. Threat to the horse that it must stop 4. Set up a team to study the horse 5. Visit other countries to see how others ride dead horses 6. Lower the standard so that dead horses belong 7. Reclassify the dead horse that it is alive again 8. Recruit external contractors to study the dead horse 9. Control several dead horses to increase the speed 10. Provide additional training to increase performance 11. Perform a productivity study to see if lighter riders can increase the performance of the dead horse 12. Declare that if the dead horse does not need to be fed, it is less expensive, lower overhead, and therefore contributes more to the profit than some other horses 13. Rewrite the expected performance for all horses 14. Promote the dead horse to a management position to recruit another horse



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