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setting goals: how to turn a mountain into a hill

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

Goals give direction and meaning to our lives. What do you want to achieve someday, but now seems so far away? Our thoughts guide our behavior. We have the power to think big, but too often we abuse our imagination to fret about "what if" situations. By identifying and reducing your fears, you give space to your greatness. Use your thoughts to create the future of your dreams. Create goals and put an achievable deadline on them. You can do it!

Dream big

If you want things to change in your life, change the things in your life. Visualize them for yourself, your job, your family situation... Visualize where you want to go and what it takes to do that.

  • Relax.

  • Picture what you want to do.

  • Place yourself in the picture.

  • Get into the action.

Make your goals tangible

Right now, what's my one thing I want to accomplish someday? Then break this goal down into smaller, bite-sized goals. What's my goal for within this and five years? What do I want to accomplish within 1 year? What do I need to do for that this month? Next week? Tomorrow? It can be frightening and paralyzing to want to climb the entire mountain you see before you. It can overwhelm you and you veer away from your goals. But you don't have to climb the whole mountain at once. Instead, look at the step in front of you and work your way up, step by step, toward that one goal that seems so far away right now. How can you achieve that big goal? What milestones do I need to achieve as I move from point A to point B? By breaking that one goal down into smaller goals, you lower the barrier to working toward that one, "unattainable" goal.

  • My someday goal: 1 thing I want to achieve someday

  • My 5-Year Goal: 1 thing I want to accomplish in 5 years

  • My 1-Year Goal: What I want to accomplish in 1 year (based on my 5-year goal)

  • My Month Goal: 1 thing you need to do this month

  • My Week Goal

  • My Day goal

  • Now

Set deadlines

A dream remains a dream until you put a deadline on it. Deadlines demand action, they spur you on. You can put a deadline on anything but keep these guidelines in mind:

  • Keep it realistic.

  • Social pressure helps. Be accountable to a buddy who is aware of your goals. Call each other weekly to share your progress.

  • Take action now.

some tips

It's better to look back at your life and say, " I can't believe I did that!" than to say "If only I had...done all that." Goals give you a longer, happier and healthier life. They ensure that you get the most out of yourself. I'll end with some tips so you can get started on your goals right away.

  • Keep your timing realistic and at the same time sufficiently tight so that you keep moving.

  • Describe your goals and make them SMART: specific, measurable, acceptable, realistic and time-bound. If you want to accomplish something, you increase your chances of doing so by making it concrete and verifiable.

  • Persevere regardless of what others say, think or do.

  • Invest in and good planner where you consistently track your goals and progress made. You can also keep a Google or Outlook calendar. By working on it daily, you increase the chances that your goals won't get watered down. Again, you can work with a buddy. Schedule a time each week when you fill out your planner together for the week ahead and reflect on the past week.



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