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How can I delegate in 7 steps?

Delegating is more than "relinquishing responsibility for a task" or "having someone else do the dirty work". It is about entrusting someone else with an assignment or task, so that this person can grow and you get time off.

STEP 1 Choose the right task to delegate, routine tasks or tasks that prevent you from dealing with important non-urgent matters. STEP 2 Delegate at the right level, taking into account the experiences and skills of your employees. Don't throw anyone in the deep. Do the work together, perhaps not everything goes well from the first time.

STEP 3 Describe the task and the result as concretely as possible. That will be much more specific than you would for yourself, but it increases the chance of a good result. STEP 4 Provide a lot of guidance. Do important things together, but let your employee do the rest alone. See when you need to step back. Employees determine themselves how much help they need. Let them determine the control points themselves. Make sure that employees have everything necessary to perform the tasks as independently as possible. STEP 5 You can make mistakes. One can learn from mistakes. Employees receive personal and direct feedback. Together with your employees, you look for the causes of problems and errors.

STEP 6 Make clear agreements about the deadline. Based on a deadline, an employee can make a schedule and ensure that the task is performed on time.

STEP 7 Make clear agreements about the managing & follow up part. In this way you prevent your control from looking like interference. Indicate what you thought went well, and what could have been better. Search for solutions together. Use coaching & feedback techniques to get the best out of your people.



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