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The Art Of Living Longer

Wanna live longer? Read these 5 tips.

1. Never stop fulfilling your purpose in life

Who stops with doing what she/he loves to do, loses his purpose in life.  

2.    Slow down, don’t hurry or worry

Hurry and worry are in contrast with a high life quality. Time is the new luxury. Be grateful every day. Live in the here and now.  Don’t be sad about the past of afraid for the future.  

3.     Eat until your 80% full.

Eat conscious and with taste. Less is more. Less meat, more vegetables. Eat the right stuff that your body needs.

4.     Be surrounded by good friends

They are the best to make the existence of life lighter and more joyful.  And for a good laugh. The feeling of being accepted and appreciated in a group makes you want to live longer. Your contribution and appearance is wanted. 

5.     Walk, dance or do sports every day

Water moves, it never stands still. Move and create dopamines, endorphins and feel happy. 

For the food part, I can help, I organise healthy cooking workshops with food that makes you happy.

Any comments on this?



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